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Tremelon Mini Pedal (HL-00214955)
Tremelon Mini Pedal
Model# HL-00214955

Tremelon is a Dual Tremolo pedal that has two completely independent classic sounding tremolo engines. The control panel is...

List: $109.99

Price: $109.00

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Ukulele Pitch Pipe G-C-E-A Tuning (HL-00124660)
Ukulele Pitch Pipe G-C-E-A Tuning
Model# HL-00124660

This handy little pitch pipe will ensure your uke always stays in tune! DetailsPublisher: Hal LeonardPublication Date:...

Price: $3.99

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Vanguard Dual Phase - Series Phaser (Guitar Pedal)
Model# HL-00251363

The Vanguard was designed to create evolving beds of sound; from thick and sweeping harmonics to symphonic tidal waves. It...

Price: $279.00

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Vox Classic Wah Pedal (HL-00220847)
Vox Classic Wah Pedal
Model# HL-00220847

Based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by VOX in the '60s, the V845 Wah-Wah offers guitarists the same...

List: $99.99

Price: $69.99

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Voyager Preamp/Overdrive (Guitar Pedal) (HL-00251364)
Voyager Preamp/Overdrive (Guitar Pedal)
Model# HL-00251364

The Voyager is a gain/preamp overdrive that boasts a full spectrum of tone from any setting on its simple set of controls....

Price: $189.00

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Warhorn Mid-Range Overdrive (Guitar Pedal) (HL-00251365)
Warhorn Mid-Range Overdrive (Guitar Pedal)
Model# HL-00251365

The Warhorn is a mid-range, transparent overdrive pedal that's capable of punchy rhythm, to searing Texas Blues leads. For...

Price: $199.00

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Yurei (Guitar Pedal) (HL-00201980)
Yurei (Guitar Pedal)
Model# HL-00201980

Transparent like a ghost, Yurei will make your guitar sound sharp and cut through with the same precision of a samurai...

Price: $99.00

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