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Spider IV 15 Cover with Pocket
Spider IV 15 Cover with Pocket (LI-00122966) Protect your Line 6 Spider® IV 15 guitar amplifier against harmful scratches, dust, weather, and more. This durable amp cover is the only one designed specifically for Spider IV 15 amplifiers. Carry all your gear in one trip! Fit all your accessories in the oversized back pocket. It can hold an FBV2™ or FBV Express™ foot controller, guitar cables, strap, extra strings, and more. Pocket is 10″H x 14″W x 2″D; 6″ flap with Velcro® closure. Protect your Spider IV 15 amplifier from indoor and outdoor wear. Weather-resistant vinyl protects against the elements, dust, moisture, and cigarette smoke to keep your Spider IV 15 in optimal playing condition. The reinforced machine-stitched seams are designed to endure continuous use and exposure. The cover will keep your amp safe in the studio, in the basement, and in transit. The heavy-duty Velcro® closure guarantees a snug fit. High-quality materials and construction ensure against stretching that could result in tearing or fraying. Features a silver stitched Line 6 logo. This is the only official Spider IV 15 amplifier cover.

• Big back pocket fits an FBV2™ or FBV Express™ MkII foot controller, guitar cables, strings, strap, and more. Pocket is 10″H x 14″W x 2″D; 6″ flap with Velcro® closure

• Weather-resistant vinyl; reinforced machine-stitched seams; high-quality construction and strap with heavy-duty Velcro® closure provide a snug fit

• The only official Spider IV 15 amplifier cover

• Color: black

• Also fits Spider III 15 guitar amplifiers

Publisher: Line 6
Publication Date: 09/2013
Medium: General Merchandise
Length: 15.50 in.
Width: 20.75 in.
Series: Guitar Amps
List Price: $29.99 Manufacturer: LINE 6
Price: $29.99 (Save $0.00) Model Number: LI-00122966

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