Jonathan Elly

Jon - Has nearly 25 years of percussion experience. He was first drawn to percussion the moment he spotted a shiny snare drum in his music class at Dale Mabry Elementary School in Tampa. That fascination led to a desire to learn the craft and become a respected drummer. Before long he would begin private lessons at Don Banks Music, studying with Susan Stann, and eventually joining the drum line at Plant High School.

Since those days, he has played in a number of bands and been part of a Latin Musical. He has played multiple shows with the Eastern Hillsborough Comunity band. He now combines his nearly eight years as a classroom teacher with his love of drumming.


Jon's percussion lessons can run the gamut from focus on rigorous rudimentary snare technique, to helping students learn to play their favorite songs on the drumset--all with a focus on learning to read music. Complex fills and double bass techniques are some of his favorite skills to practice when he has time behind the kit, and his love of music inspires him to continue growing.


Jon had been teaching privately for over 5 years to students of all ages and skill levels.



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